Your Complete Kindescope Series DVD is a compilation of six songbooks, covering all areas of Foundation Stage learning. See each title below.

The DVD contains lyrics, piano music, guitar chords - vocal tracks and also accompaniment only tracks. Many of the songs have additional activity ideas.

Lets Grow - Based on Knowledge and understanding of the world, perfect songs to support topics on growth, ourselves, plants, animals, weather, seasons, change and the environment.

Awareness and respect for living things; Recognition of basic colours; Understanding of growth; Introduction to birth and life cycles; Body awareness; Personal safety; Understanding of the seasons; Naming young animals; Learning about small creatures; Respect and care for the environment; Awareness of similarities and differences; Looking at patterns and change; Understanding past and present; Knowledge of night and day; Observation of weather; Questioning and predicting.

Holding Hands - An exciting songbook to support Personal, social, and emotional development.

Confidence and independence; Body awareness and control; Development of relationships; Positive attitudes; Respect for self and others; Good self-steem; Understanding of right and wrong; Health and hygiene issues; Turn taking; Good manners; Response to a greeting; Care for the environment; Listening skills; Sitting still; Working collaboratively; Joining in; Following instructions; Self-expression; Positive behaviour.

Big Steps Little Steps - An action packed songbook based on Physical Development.

Confidence and independence; Body control and co-ordination; Body awareness; Negotiating space, objects and others; Using a variety of movements; Expressing feelings through movement; Adjusting speed; Changing direction; Language of movement; Responding to and interpreting different rhythms; Combining movements; Making movement patterns; Isolating each finger; Pincer and tripod grip practice; Dressing skills; Working collaboratively; Ball skills; Following instructions; Awareness of health, rest and exercise; Understanding Forwards and Backwards ; Concept of Push and Pull.

Sounds like Fun - An exciting songbook to support Communication, Language and Literacy.

Listening skills; Confidence to join in; Awareness of print; Pre-writing skills; Writing for a purpose; The joy of stories; Care and handling of books; Experimenting with sounds; Letter recognition; Practising phonics; Learning the alphabet; Opportunities for interaction; Development of language skills; Use of mime and facial expression; Imagination and expression of ideas; Understanding of questions and answers; Opportunities for description; Following instructions; Sequencing and predicting; Learning days of the week; Awareness of rhyme.

Maths more or less - Supporting Problem-solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, these songs offer original ways to practise and develop early mathematical concepts and skills.

Number awareness; Recognition of simple numbers; Use of mathematical language; More or less; Number matching; Counting up and down; Sequencing; Use of zero; Position; Measures; Basic shapes; Tall and short; Full and empty; Problem solving; Comparison; Counting in twos; Introduction to subtraction/addition; Awareness of much larger numbers; And more...

Ideas Start Here - An action packed songbook based on creative development.

Listening; Exploration of sound and pitch; Awareness of musical dynamics and tempo; Introduction to musical expression; Care and control of percussion instruments; Introduction to other musical instruments; Confidence to join in with song; Confidence to perform to others; Participation as part of an audience; Music making with others; Learning about colours and colour mixing; Model making and fixing methods; Pattern making; Creative thoughts and ideas; Story making and role-play; Response and movement to rhythm; Ability to match movement to music; Body awareness in dance; Expressive dance.

Kindescope Songs

Kindescope songs are original, fun and support learning. They are designed to help young children gain confidence and develop new skills through their natural response to music, song and rhyme. Each title has at least 20 songs, activity ideas, simple piano music, lyrics, guitar chords, vocal and backing tracks. Easy to use by non-musical practitioners and carers.

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